• Physiotherapy


    Since the time pain was understood as a sensation, which had a greater emotional effect than physical, different non invasive ways have been found to relieve this symptom. A drugless way of relieving pain, restoring movements, and promoting optimal health and function of the body is known as Physiotherapy.

    It has an important role for people who are physically challenged, in old age and/or sports injuries, wherein, non invasive measures need to be adopted to support the physical movements of the body. This therapy can be used as a supplement along with oral medication as it also has remedial as well as preventive value.

    The methodologies of Physiotherapy can help in preventing/managing cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis, lower back ache, PIVD, Stroke cases, Post traumatic injuries, cerebral palsy, stress incontinence, post fracture rehabilitation, spinal injuries etc.

    Physiotherapy helps to restore body movements and manages pain with following methodologies – Massage therapy, manipulation therapy, manual stretching, joint mobilization, sporting and lifting techniques, therapeutic exercises etc.

    In a modern world, wherein an extensive research is the epitome of effective health management, Physiotherapy also uses the following non manual methodologies of treatments:

    Shortwave Diathermy – it is a high frequency alternating current that produces heat. Energy produced from this wave is used to provide relief to the client suffering from muscular spasms, pain etc.
    Contrast Bath – involves alternate immersion of hot and cold water producing marked hyperemia of the skin. This causes sensory stimulation by alternatively activating cutaneous hot and cold receptors. This stimulation may help to suppress pain by means of gate mechanism.
    Tilt table – is unique equipment for improving functions of paralytic limbs and organs. Client is trained to bear weight on its own limbs with the help of this table.
    T. E. N. S. – is quite an effective treatment in pain management, in which electrodes are placed on or near the area of pain and soothing pulses are sent via the electrodes through the skin and along the nerve fibers. The pulses help to suppress the pain signals to the brain.
    Combine these methodologies of Physiotherapy along with the treatments provided by us in Ayurveda and Naturopathy to gain optimum results and a healthy lifestyle in the lap of Nature.

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