• Stress Management

    Stress Management

    Due to the excessive competition amongst the human race, stress has come as a natural gift to the mankind. It is known as an imbalance of demand and resources. When an individual’s capabilities deplete in relation to the rising socio-economic demands, it gradually starts building undue pressure that result in symptoms like sleeplessness, irritability, common mood swings, altered bowel habits etc.

    Most of the people suffer from this cluster of symptoms unknowingly for a long time, finally leading to a massive physical break down. Stress has an implication over personal life as well and results in altered cognitive activity along with poor decision making.

    Ayurveda believes that an imbalance in biological humors occurs due to poor life style and excessive physical and mental work, resulting in increased Vata (the air). This increased Vata creates further imbalance in the physiology of an individual, further, derailing the harmony of soul, mind, and body.

    Our tailor made stress management packages concentrate over an individual’s need. After a careful examination of the body and constitution, a comprehensive stress management package is framed. It helps to combat individual stress factors and brings back the harmony in life.

    Treatment of stress management is based upon multiple factors working on different levels to bring back the balance in biological humors. It includes, Consultation, Evaluation of body type, Counseling, Yoga, Meditation Specialized Ayurveda treatments based on individual’s requirements Physical activities including Gym and leisure walks/treks Recreational activities Seminars/lectures on stress management.

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