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    Naturopathy is a science that believes in the vital force of the body that promotes the self healing process of the body. Philosophy of Nature Cure science lies in the system of holistic healing which lies in minimum invasive procedures. It is a life style that involves lots of self awareness, and educating an individual about the importance of Natural factors responsible for optimum healing within the body itself.

    Nature cure considers that body is primarily made up of five elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth. With the passing of times it tends to accumulate toxins in the body. These toxins are eliminated by the body in form of waste as a natural process. But faulty life style, stress, and altered eating habits result in declining vital force of the body leading to the accumulation of the toxins. Accumulation of these toxins beyond the resistance of the body manifests diseases. Body has got a natural process of eliminating these toxins and Naturopathy helps in propagation of the process.

    Naturopathic treatments are essentially based upon the judicious use of five basic elements of the Nature. They are used in combination best suitable to an individual which help in eradication of the disease. Hydrotherapy, Sauna, Hot and Cold Fomentations, Mud Packs are few treatment constituted of Natures primitive elements to enhance the body’s ability to detoxify itself and promote the vital force of life.

    Sauna – Sauna bath is the utilization of the fire element. It is a methodology in which dry heat is produced in a specially designed chamber made up of fabricated wooden. It is an arrangement where in dry heat which generally varies from 70 degree to 100 degree centigrade is produced and an individual can disrobe oneself to generate sweat. It helps in detoxification through the skin by means of sweating. It is recommended in generalized stiffness of the body, paralysis, post massage therapy etc.

    Mud bath – mud bath is simple yet very effective therapy mentioned in Naturopathy. Clean and pebble free mud occupied from 3 to 4 feet deep is utilized in this therapy. Mud is soaked in clean water to make a fine paste and then applied throughout the body in uniform fashion. Then it is allowed to dry over the skin. During the process it is essential to avoid any kind of air exposure. It generates refreshing, invigorating, and vitalizing effect on the body. It generates cooling effect in the body and used in diseases caused by heat of increase of the fire element in the body. It also dilutes and absorbs toxic substances of the body.

    Mud Pack – it is a Nature Cure treatment in which soaked mud is kept in a wet muslin cloth to make a thin flat brick. It is made for abdomen size and applied locally over the area for 20 – 30 minutes. It is generally used in indigestion. It also helps in decreasing intestinal heat and assists in stimulating the normal peristaltic movements.

    A local application made for the eyes helps in removing congestive headache, conjunctivitis, itching, and refraction error of the eye and especially in glaucoma. It helps to reduce eyeball tension in cases of Glaucoma.

    Hydrotherapy – hydrotherapy is a treatment of Nature Cure where in Water is used as a primary source of the treatment. It is a range of different therapies utilized for curing the illness. Jacuzzi, Whirlpool bath, graduated immersion bath, deluxe hydro bath are few hydrotherapies well known for their curative effect. Traditionally it is known to be effective in Rheumatic complaints of the body. It helps in blood redistribution in the body and helps in reducing pain and restoring the mobilization of the joints. It also detoxifies the body to restore the vitality of the body. It can be judiciously used for treating many skin disorders.

    Nature provides the best methodologies to reinstate the body’s immune system and enable it to fight against the attack of external factors – toxins. Come to the Nature and it will teach you the principles of harmonizing Mind, Body and soul.

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