• Detoxification


    Ayurveda is a science of life which primarily promotes the restoration of health of a healthy being. It recommends that, for optimum performance at the highest level of life, an individual needs to be mentally, spiritually, and physically fit.

    Human body has been naturally equipped to combat the adverse effects of day to day wear and tear. However, a prolonged exposure to a bad life style results in accumulation of the toxins, also known asAma in Ayurveda, in the body.

    Ancient art of living says, “Periodically cleansed body remains in an utmost state of spiritual, mental, and physical health. And a health seeker should humbly follow the wisdom recited in the books of Ayurveda.”

    Generally, indigested food debris and poor eating habits contributes to the formation of toxins or Ama in the body. The nature of this Ama is very sticky and heavy. It circulates in the body and creates congestion into the channels. This congestion results in poor metabolism of the body and finally creates multiple disorders, both, at mental and physical level in an individual.

    Traditional wisdom of life stresses that, in order to remain healthy, it is necessary to get rid of these toxins periodically. To maintain a balance in biological humors, methodologies of seasonal detoxification have been mentioned.

    It is by nature that Doshas tend to increase from their normal levels in specific seasons, resulting in particular disorders related to them. For a healthy life, Ayurveda recommends to follow detoxification schedules as per the following advice:

    • In the spring season or Vasant Ritu Vamana (induced vomiting)
    • In the rainy season or Varsha Ritu - Basti (medicated enema)
    • In the fall season or Sharad Ritu Virechana (induced purgation)
    • In all of the above seasons (Varsha, Sharad and Vasant) Nasaya (nasal medication)
    • In the winter season or Sharad Ritu Rakta Mokshana (blood letting)

    Under the expert supervision of an Ayurveda specialist, detoxify your body in all seasons to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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