• Acupressure


    The evolution of Ayurveda in the Asian region has also helped in the evolvement of many other sciences around this science of life. Acharaya Sushruta, father of modern surgery, found the relevance of pressure points in the body and their utility in healing the mind and body, thus, helping in high spiritual goals.

    Acupressure is an ancient art of healing through pressing pressure points gradually, stimulating the body?s self curative abilities. Importance of acupressure lies in its ability to eradicate pain without the use of any drugs or the requirement of any other assistance.

    Acupressure is believed to release mental tension, relieve pain and boosts the general immunity of the body. It regulates the blood circulation throughout the body and helps in the improvement of the general health condition.

    An expert in Acupressure uses the power of his/her hand and sensitivity to press judiciously over specific points of the body to release tension and restore the circulation. It could be learnt gradually under the guidance of an experienced practitioner and could be self practiced when needed.

    There are different methodologies and styles which could be incorporated for acupressure. Using one?s own figure is the most prominent style. One can also use hand, elbow, feet, or any other specific instrument for stimulating highly conductive acupressure points.

    Acupressure helps to manage many chronic ailments like muscular fatigue, tension, stress, insomnia, back pain, chronic headache etc. It also helps to regain tranquility and peace of the mind, body, and soul.

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